Great service typically needs two things.
Great People that serve the customer with Great Processes.
We believe that when you deliver a service or product where the information is factually correct and RIGHT first time, it is explained in a CLEAR manner, by man or machine, that comes across as being genuinely HELPFUL and FRIENDLY, then you have most of the components in place to create something really SPECIAL.
Using a structured approach, we help organisations understand and transform their customer journey. We tackle the work in a series of sprints, we Dream, Design and Deliver for you a refreshed customer experience.
Customer satisfaction measurement, peer benchmarking, digital journeys, process mapping and improvement are just some of the services offered when we review your service improvement roadmap.
We at Hansal are not confined by the rules when it comes to delighting the customer. We want our clients (and yours), to come back, buy more, tell others and ultimately help you create extraordinary relationships with your customers, employees, partners and shareholders.
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