Hansal and our team of career strategists, help busy executives plan their career. This change is either working with individuals looking to make their next move internally or externally, working with them to project their brand and experience in the best possible manner to achieve the desired outcome for the individual.

We operate with companies to assist them effectively execute organisational change and in many cases, the resulting impact to their employees. For many staff the daunting next step in leaving an organisation due to redundancy or displacement can be easily smoothed with a caring and guiding support structure. For this we can offer a full outplacement support programme for individuals and organisations.

Our resources include psychometric testing and preparation, interview skills, career profiling and of course, critiquing the CV for maximum impact. Using our discreet network, we also tap into the unadvertised roles, the connections and introductions often needed at the most senior levels to get the right cultural fit.

Everyone is unique, as are the programmes we provide for our clients.

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