Hansal thinks very differently about senior level recruitment. We are bespoke and boutique. Our vast network of the most talented leaders means that we quickly access the right people to run your business. Much of our work is done upfront too. So, whilst we bring fresh thinking and creativity to the process, we have already taken time to understand the qualities, motivation and aspirations of many leading executives. This can give you an immediate picture of the recruiting landscape and avoid long delays and disappointments in the recruiting process. We highlight the opportunities in the market and don’t pull our punches in pointing out pitfalls or problems. Techniques used in executive recruitment firms have developed little beyond a greater reliance upon network media sites as identification methods and the promotion of bolt on assessment tools. Clients’ feedback told us that they have largely failed to imbed recruiting as part of an individual’s and an organisation’s ongoing transformation. That is what Hansal does differently. By working with an organisation’s leaders to help them execute transformation strategies we gain valuable insights into what makes each individual successful in the context of your organisation. Client industries in which our expertise is most concentrated are financial services, technology, retail and private equity. Our experience and track record extends beyond full time permanent executives to non-executive directors and advisory board or council members. Please contact us for a confidential discussion.
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