In line with the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Act, we will also begin our AIA Practitioner Programme from March 2024 as open events for individuals as well as bespoke tailored courses for companies looking to upskill their employees.

On 9th December 2023, the EU parliament reached a provisional agreement on the implementation of the Artificial intelligence Act (AIA) which is going to provide the risk framework for using AI. These rules will be formally adopted by parliament and council to be embedded in EU law by Q1, 2024. Non-compliance could lead to fines ranging from EURO 35million or 7% of global turnover, which are higher than the penalties seen for breach of  GDPR.

Other countries including the UK, the USA and the UAE have all already made statements to similar effect regarding regulation. AI and Gen AI now feature in virtually every transformation or change plan across many industries and companies. The risks involved in not applying the guidelines correctly, could have significant financial consequences as they grapple to execute  effectively, sustainably, safely and compliantly.

Hansal International has built a reputation for supporting our clients to deliver world class data protection and we bring our expertise to helping navigate the world of AI regulation.

We offer a two-day practitioner course designed with ISO9001:2015 certification in mind, enabling you to demonstrate competence in understanding and applying the correct governance, which in turn will enable you to confidently manage AI related projects, now and in the future. This course is suited to Programme Directors, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Business Heads, Legal Professionals, AI Technology Developers, Compliance Officers and policy makers who are involved in the implementation and management of projects and AI systems in their organizations.

Each session will include interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises to ensure a comprehensive understanding and applied learning of the AI Act and its implications. The course is accredited with an exam and will deliver the following outcomes:

  1. Understand the key elements and objectives of the Artificial Intelligence Act.
  2. Identify the legal and ethical implications of AI technologies and their application.
  3. Apply the AIA regulations to their organization’s AI projects and strategies.
  4. Develop a compliant roadmap tailored to their industry-specific needs.
  5. Foster ethical AI practices in line with AIA guidelines.
  6. Mitigate and manage AI related risks effectively.

We are also able to offer a one-day foundation course for those that are less directly involved but still wish to develop and advance their understanding of Artificial Intelligence and the impact of regulation.

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